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About Wendy Johnson DC* MMCA

Wendy first discovered chiropractic after sustaining an accidental injury to her neck - a visit to a chiropractor made her feel much better!

Consequently, having many years of nursing experience, she decided to change direction and studied for 5 years to become a McTimoney Chiropractor. Since qualifying in 1999, Wendy retired from 30 years of being a State Registered Nurse (SRN) and has worked as a McTimoney chiropractor ever since.

Since becoming a chiropractor Wendy has regularly updated and added to her skills. 

Wendy also works in Ringwood at the' Ringwood Health Clinic' on Thursday afternoon; telephone: 01425 471947.

Wendy is available at the Manapura Natural Therapy Centre in New Milton, Hampshire, on: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings.

* DC signifies the courtesy title 'Doctor of Chiropractic', which is not a general medical qualification.

McTimoney practitioner making an adjustment




experienced chiropractor.

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